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Car Cover


For added protection when leaving the car outside have a look at the Storm Cover produced by Phoenix Designs. I bought one this last year and have found it very useful, not only when leaving the car overnight at hotels etc but also during the day when parked up to keep out dust, the sun and affording an element of ‘security’. It’s quick to fit, very light and comes with its own storage bag. Being designed for the Morgan there are a couple of redundant elastic fastenings but overall the fit on my +2 is very good.

John Taylor at Phoenix Designs can be contacted on



When building my (LCD) Hawke, I was disappointed to discover that the gearstick came out of the gearbox tunnel just under the dashboard. I’ve noticed on some other members cars that they have the same problem.

After some internet searching I found that you can buy an extension kit for the type 9 gearbox. I fabricated an aluminium plate to cover the existing hole in the tunnel and cut a new hole.

The extension kit is relatively easy to fit and moves the stick rearwards by 135mm. The item can be bought from Rally Design (and probably other places) for about £50 +VAT. See the picture below to see what the product looks like and also the link to the Rally Design web-site.

Side Screen Fittings

4 of each required

Nut: AFH6620
Plate AAA 5154

Looking back through some old paperwork, relating to my build, I found a note of the below:-
Anthony Boshier-Jones.
Fast Road Cars Limited

He gave me good advice on jetting my carbs when I couldn't get them to run right.
He's still there, still offering free advice.

MWS wire wheels

 GCS recommendation was 6x14 or 6x15 for Sierra fitment with ET35 offset. I believe. GCS suggested that 15s will give a harsher ride due to lower profile tyres.    gg

Brake Master Cylinder Sleeving
Past Parts 
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