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Jan 2022
Found for sale on ebay UK
K319 SWP.jpg
K319 SWP

Discovered by a potential owner.

Originally seen by a blogger in 2006 at Stoneleigh, interested in copying some LCD designs

Found for sale in Germany

Discovered on Mobile.DE

By Stefan Loeser 


Advised by Owner
C331 VMX.jpg
C331 VMX

Built by GCS

in 1998


Found for sale in Germany
Found for sale on ebay UK
A JL39 H.jpg

Discovered on Mobile.DE

By Stefan Loeser 

Germany       Jun'20




Advised by New Member
B52 BTM-1.jpg


Builder of car

Found for sale in Germany

Discovered on Mobile.DE

By Stefan Loeser 

Germany       Apr'19

Now bought by new member


EFX 910T

GCS+2-015 - 8

Was offered for sale by original owner/builder


Found for sale in Slovakia
MI 948EO.jpg
MI 948EO


Discovered on Mobile.DE

By Stefan Loeser 

Identified as OEF 340W, which was sold on ebay in April now converted to LHD


Found for sale in Germany
$_57 (1).jpg
GZ 07399

Discovered on Mobile.DE

By Stefan Loeser 

Appears to match

F265 FPW


Posted as STOLEN on facebook

Incomplete numberplate.

Photo from Colin Puttock

Builder now identified and number confirmed as-



Whereabouts now unknown

Found for sale in Germany
 LB EF357H

Discovered on Mobile.DE

By Stefan Loeser

Exported as FHH 364V

Did you build it?

Last seen in The Black Forest,


Claimed by Exporter
OFS 858Y

Originally owned by Peter Philby,

now confirmed as exported


Bought by New Member 
4 ACE 453

Built by Ted Aston

Seen by Chris Pecover 2001

Now owned by Wayne Laue


Insurance Write off

Built by Chris Pecover


Unknown for sale in Germany

Unknown for sale in Germany


Discovered on Mobile.DE 30Apr'18 By Stefan Loeser

LCD Sport - now confirmed as 009


Sierra 2l

Claimed by Owner- For Sale
A126 WEG

Now Identified as GCS-101

LCD demonstrator, used on their promotional literature

Ebay - For SALE


Discovered on ebay 30 Mar'18.  By Ian McHattie

GCS - Sierra 2l

Now identified as GCS-097


Ebay - Sold

OEF 340W

Advised on ebay 29Apr'18


Cortina based 1600

N Yorkshire

Going, Going, Gone to New Member

Discovered on ebay 14th Dec 17 one day only. Now back on.

Early GCS - Mk IV Cortina 2l

Identified as GCS-003-S

Confirmed  match to  HGU 739V

E Sussex

HGU 739V

Claimed by a new member

Advertised for sale in Romsey.

Claimed Dec'17

LCD Hawke -  K21 BON


Claimed by Owner 


KCD 560W



by a new member

This Hawke was originally registered in UK as D746 BMV, then exported to Italy in 2006. Advertised in Rome in 2012 as noted below

It has now been identified as GCS -098-SS


Nov 17


Oct 17

GCS Hawke - Cortina based.

German registered, found for sale in Germany by the potential buyer of VWY 26X

Now identified as GCS 050-2 original reg, NLB 99V

Bought by new member

D858 VKJ

GCS Hawke (085)

Builder enquiring about a new exhaust


Identified GCS 026-S         OLU 751W

Photo to follow - It is in New Zealand!! with David Stark.

Aug 17

Sep 17

D746 BMV

Reconditioned by John & Colin Puttock

Exported to Rome in 2006


ROME 2012

Advert found by webmaster whilst trawling the internet.

Jul 17

Incomplete Tiger

Found by John Bell

21 May 20017 on ebay,

Now sold to Philip Carter

Incomplete Build

Found at Sussex Kit Cars, by webmaster.

Sierra Sport (GCS-078) waiting for instructions from owner.

SKC also have a GCS chassis- number to be confirmed..


Tiger Hawke at Liphook. For sale in Poole,SOLD May'17.

Waiting contact from Owner..



Found by John Bell - NI on ebay  5th May 2017

Now SOLD but found for sale in Germany.

Confirmed as GCS 056-2

Ex Tiger Demonstrator

Bought by LCD Aug 03

C483 VMX

Sold Sep 2003

AY 441 NJ

Owned by

Jean-Louis Bruner who lives in Valence, France

Identified as CGY 355Y.


Sold on to a dealer Jan'17 

DKO 479T

Claimed by Steve Chaplin


Stewart Brown

28 July at 04:37

This is the Tiger Hawke imported into Australia late 1999 early 2000. It has sat in a workshop in Victoria since being imported with very little work to complete it. I have started the process of planning the certification process in NSW with my engineer, the priority being the Torsional Rigidity test of a minimum 4500 NM per degree of deflection, then seat belt anchorage test,seat mounting test, side intrusion bar report. Then on to the build. I am pleased with my purchase and can see clearly how I wish to proceed with the build.

SAV 302M 

Bought by Simon Beer from  

Ian Pitts, the previous owner/builder.


For Sale Ad - Jul & Aug 1995
Restoration - See www.absolutelykitcars.co.uk
Conversation between Graham Glennie and John Bell
Owner - John Bell - N Ireland

9 June 2016



Hi Graham

I saw that your GCS site was trying to find cars, so I decided to email you a picture of mine.





John Hi,

Thanks for the photo which I shall forward to our webmaster for inclusion.

Would you please consider providing more information as I have no previous record of it.

The original GCS chassis number or original owner/builder would help, plus detail of the car: Plus2 or Sport, engine. Also whereabouts we may see your car on the road.

You would be most welcome to join our club. The members are a mine of information if you need help or advice. We have a good social group, meeting up 3 or 4 times a year. This weekend we have a Friday to Monday trip to Street, Somerset, followed by a couple of 1 day events and a weekend tour of the North Pennines in September.

I have attached a membership form for your consideration.

You are welcome to join our Facebook site, it is a closed site but you can join with membership or not.

Regards Graham



Hi Graham

Chassis no. Is.........

I bought the car from a Nicholas Lockrose of Hampshire in April 2005 as far as I can remember. It has been used 6 months of the year then on SORN hibernation from June last year... I have other toys to use eg a Rickman Metisse 5lt Ford lump, and a BAD F355 replica.

I have MOTs going back to December 1995.

The car is registered as  a GCS car, but has a nose +4 Morgan badge and I resprayed it 3-4 years ago. I believe it was originally Bugatti Blue with a red interior, then sprayed BRG when I flew to Portsmouth and drove it home overnight. Unfortunately the paintwork detiorated with the usual osmosis despite being dry stored.  I added green wing piping for a Morgan touch....as seen in photo.  

It runs the original 2lt Pinto Cortina engine and 5 speed, and retains its Cortina suspension. 2 years ago I replaced the standard twin carb. with an updated twin Weber. It does have a rear bench seat trimmed in the same Ferrari beige vinyl with green piping as the front seats as is the dashboard, thick green carpets, black weather gear, “hard” side screens, spare wheel carrier etc.

Now the rub......I live in Belfast so no opportunity to meet up I’m afraid. There used to be another car in two-tone blue in Northern Ireland but I haven’t seen it in years.

The car is in great shape and retains the old-fashioned Pinto growl that I think the modern engines have lost.

Kind regards





Hi Graham

Apologies....I just checked and I bought the car in July 2004.





Many thanks for the info. I will try to track it back and identify the car when I get back next week and I'll get back to you.

I took my car on a tour of Ireland a few years ago, broke two engine mount bolts on one of the invisible, smoothly tarmac covered potholes in the South.

Have got the Webers running smoothly? The webcon kit for my Zetec was wrongly jetted and took a while to sort.

Regards Graham


12 Jun



Hi Graham

I forgot to say that I think my car is a very early example as the rear lights have a moulded in pod on each side into which the stop and indicator housings and lens are attached, not the separate chrome tubes seen later.

The car came with a very bent rear matt finished bumper, as seen on many Hawkes, and a good quality front bumper cut into 2 halves Escort “Mexico” style, as can be seen in the picture....I added a full width good-match chrome bumper to the rear, both tbh of unknown origin. You can see 1 of 3 white spots, either side of the bonnet and on the rear deck, as I’ve used the car on track and for hill climbs.

Kind regards



14 Jun


Hi John,

 I've checked through my available records and found nothing.

Whilst the car is most likely a GCS there is no record of that registration or the seller in the GCS ledger and no record in the HOC owner or car listings.

The chassis number you gave is a VIN number and doesn't relate to a GCS chassis number which would be a simple three digits, dash, S or 2. eg. 023-S.

This would have been stamped on the left front chassis rail.


GCS records go up to 1999 when the project was sold to Tiger Racing and then, in 2003 to LCD.



Hi Graham

Really appreciate your help.

I can’t see any stamps on the chassis as it’s been painted, but I’ve added a few photos...perhaps you’ll recognise the chassis construction? The V5 lists the VIN number only. I believe the car was originally built 1991/92 from memory. What research I’ve done of the kit car market satisfies me, having followed the various Tiger and LCD sales, and having had kits for 25 years, that is an early GCS. The other “replicas” I checked in the distant past were the “Davrian/Darrian”(?) and the Moss/Spitfire-based car but mine is 100% like the Hawke that I’ve seen at eg Stoneleigh.

I’ve previously owned the following cars...Bulldog, Marlin, Quantum Sports 2+2, GTM Rossa, Eagle Jeep, Midas Excelsior, Clan Clover and currently have a BAD F355 twin turbo (6 years), a Rickman Metisse 301 small block (11 years) and my Hawke 2ltr (12 years).


Kind regards