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Hawke Owners Club

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 Founded in 1993







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Roger Clark

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1              ORIGINS


The Hawke Owners Club was formed in 1993 at the suggestion of Gary Hutton and Colin Puttock , owners of GCS Cars and the original manufacturers of the Hawke.  They recognised a strong, active Owners Club, run independently by the members,  was essential for the promotion of the Hawke as well as providing a means for owners to network with one another on build, registration, maintenance, social and other issues.


Armed with a £100 ‘start-up’ donation and the promise to pay the first years subscription for new buyers, they approached a number of early purchasers of the Hawke kit for ideas/support/assistance. Fortunately, a number of ‘volunteers’ came forward, agreed to act as ‘Officers’ of the Club and so the Club was born.


Initially, with most kits under construction and very few Hawkes on the road, activities were limited to ‘socials’ at the various kit car shows. This enabled members to network with one another on build issues whilst searching for those essential bits and pieces.


As more kits were sold and completed, membership of the Club grew and activities increased to include trips abroad as well as one day and weekend events for members and their partners / families.



2              STATUS and PURPOSE


The Club is an independent, non profit making organisation. Its main objectives are to:


  1. Provide support, information and advice as required to members during their build.

  2. Facilitate and promote contact between members.

  3. Organise social events which are of interest to members and their families.

  4. Offer objective advice and information to those who are interested in buying a Hawke

  5. Liaise with other Owners' and Motoring clubs to promote inter club contact and co-operation for the benefit of members.

  6. And lastly, but most importantly - To have fun together



3              MEMBERSHIP


The Club currently has around 50 members. We are always interested in attracting new members, so if you own a Hawke, or are actively thinking of buying one and are not a member of the Club, we would be delighted to hear from you.


The majority of Members are based throughout the UK but as cars change hands, an increasing number are exported and we now have a growing number of members who are based overseas in such countries as Germany, France, the Netherlands and Gibraltar.


Not surprisingly, there is also a core of long-standing members, who having built their cars, enjoy driving them, keep them well maintained and are loath to part with them. Well, until another project catches their attention! 


A register of members is published annually with contact and car details to enable people to network with one another as necessary.


The membership fee is designed to enable the club to cover its operating expenses in the pursuance of its objectives. Currently membership only £12 per annum, £15 for overseas members (to cover additional postage costs).


The Club year runs from 1st April to the following 31st March inclusive. Membership lapses at the end of each financial year unless renewed.



4              NEWSLETTER


The Club publishes a Newsletter (The Hawke Owners' Club Magazine) at least three times per year. This includes

  • Club News

  • Details of planned events

  • Items for sale

  • Contributions from individual members outlining

    • Members activities

    • Recommendations for the sourcing of parts for build / maintenance

    • Any other matters which may be of interest



5              AGM


The Club holds its Annual General meeting at the National kit Car Show at Stoneleigh on the Sunday of the early May Bank Holiday weekend. This also provides an opportunity for members and their families to get together for a social weekend


At the AGM, members:

  • Receive a report from the Club’s Officials

  • Discuss any matters of mutual interest

  • Elect Officials

  • Review the Club Accounts and agree Club membership subscriptions for the forthcoming year

  • Review and discuss planned and potential events

  • Consider and adopt, as appropriate by voting, any resolutions.



6              ACTIVITIES


Each year the Club seeks to organise a number of activities which are of interest to members. Over the years these have included

  • Weekend Trips to National Parks and other attractive areas

  • Trips abroad

  • One day events – e.g.

    • Track days

    • Attendance at various Classic & Kit Car Shows

    • Attendance at Air Shows

    • Summer picnics

    • Visits to other events / activities e.g. Go-Karting, Motor Museums etc









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